7 River Hiitolanjoki
River Hiitolanjoki Scenic Path opened to the public!
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River Hiitolanjoki website placed online
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Association ‘Hiitolanjoki-yhdistys’ founded
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Project for a museum area and scenic path introducing the industrial history of River Hiitolanjoki
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Themes, interest groups, cooperation partners and other interesting information relating to River Hiitolanjoki can be found on the following websites:

South Karelia Recreation Area Foundation
Rautjärvi municipality
Regional Environment Centre of southeast Finland
Employment and Economic Development Centre for Southeastern Finland
Imatra Region Development Company
Website of Imatra Lappeenranta region
Vantaan Energia company
River Oulujoki route 
Hundred great rivers of Finland
Järvilohi Interreg 
Written parliamentary questions conserning River Hiitolanjoki
Comments of issues relating to River Hiitolanjoki by Representative Pentti Tiusanen

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